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Silver Islet Harbour LOGO

 Silver Islet

The SIHA Logo Story

If you have been down around the harbour recently you may have noted the swank new informational signs on the main dock and by the boat launch. A key feature of our signage is the new Silver Islet Harbour Association logo.

Back in April, 2021, as our closing date with DFO for the transfer of the harbour to SIHA was approaching, we knew some corporate branding would soon be in order, starting with a strong logo. A good logo should capture the essence of an enterprise with a representation that is both simple yet effective at communicating the character of the thing. 

Being a community organization, our own Liisa Hupka announced a local SIHA logo contest to encourage entries from those who know our harbour best.

We received many very good submissions and the choice was difficult but one truly stood out. The winning entry was created by Laurie Abthorpe, a name some of us should have been familiar with but weren’t. Laurie and her husband Geoff are good friends of Pam Delgaty and her partner Jen Smith and have been long-time renters at Silver Islet. In her time here she has certainly caught the essence of the place. 

Laurie’s logo design perfectly evokes what a boater would see after a day on the lake, heading up the channel towards a safe harbour and home at Silver Islet. It transpires that Laurie’s fine work should have been no surprise as she freelances in graphic design and it certainly shows in the wonderful logo that now represents the Silver Islet Harbour.

SIHA wants to acknowledge this invaluable contribution and thank Laurie for her help in designing the signs now informing our harbour users. Laurie, when your ship comes in, you can count on discount mooring rates in our harbour!