Silver Islet Campers Association

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President's Message 2020

Silver Islet Campers Association

640 River St. Grandview Mall, PO Box 21066, 

Thunder Bay, On. P7A 8A7



Silver Islet Campers Association


      President’s Message


“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, …”. With apologies to Dickens, our current situation could not be described any better. The harbor reconstruction was going great guns, on target to provide local and passing boaters access to and a safe refuge from Lake Superior this summer and for decades to come. Materials were purchased last fall for a new metal roof to be installed on the Pavilion this spring, new slider windows were to replace the old awnings. Life was good and getting better at Silver Islet. Then along came a rogue bundle of protein and everything changed.

One thing many of us share now more than ever is a new perspective on what is really important, preserving the welfare of family, friends and community. This must be the guiding principle of how we engage with each other and our immediate future. At the time of writing, it is difficult to anticipate all of what the pandemic and its management protocols will mean for Silver Islet. The best course is to plan and prepare as if a normal summer is possible with some added considerations and precautions. It is safe to assume we will all have to adjust appropriately for prevailing conditions.

Presently the assembly of groups typical of most of our events, including Sports Day and the AGM, is prohibited and until such guidance is officially lifted we cannot do things as usual. The Pavilion facilities and tennis court have been posted as closed until further notice. Your executive will make every effort within the bounds of safety and common sense to provide access to our swimming area and facilities this summer but be prepared for restrictions, however temporary or prolonged they need be.

Consider the events calendar including the AGM optimistic and provisional, but look for posted updates on an event by event basis.

Work on the harbour project has had to be curtailed for now. The harbor area is still considered an active construction site by the Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans and Tom Jones Construction and will remain so until the completion of the project. Work will resume just as soon as is legally and safely possible. Until then, the harbor is effectively out of commission and out of bounds. The launch is only partially finished, the area is fenced off, the gates padlocked and the silt net must remain in place across the mouth of the harbor. It will be obvious that a determined person could ignore all the postings and get around the barriers to take a closer look or climb out on the break wall. All we can do is ask our members not to do so and please discourage others you might see giving it a try, from an appropriately safe distance of course.

With the strength and spirit characteristic of Silver Isleters, we will get through this and soon be able to once again enjoy the treasure that is our community.


This year’s membership fees are $125 for a full membership with voting rights and $50 for an associate membership which can only be purchased if it is in addition to a full membership. Despite the uncertainty of this season expenses like insurance, fire protection and maintenance are ongoing so your continued support through membership is greatly appreciated. Please remit to

Silver Islet Campers Association

640 River St.

P.O. Box 21066

Grandview Mall

Thunder Bay, ON

P7A 8A7

Your 2020 S.I.C.A. Executive

Scott Cheadle         – President Rick Siegfried – Vice President

Ron Zabloski          – Treasurer Liisa Hupka – At Large

Andre St. Jacques  – Secretary Marilyn Ailey – At Large

Susan Beimers       – Membership Scott Atkinson – At Large

Lois Watson            – At Large

John O’Hagan         – Property Manager

Marcia Pedersen     – Jr. Campers Liason

Swimming Instructor

Swim Ontario and Swim Canada have cancelled all summer programming and the Life Savings Society office is closed until further notice. With all the certification agencies out of action, the best we can hope for is a regulatory reprieve in time for some swimming instruction, likely conducted by Anna Hooks who taught last summer. Please watch for posted updates as the season progresses.

Fun With Flags

Following up the popularity of the Silver Islet flag introduced last summer, Bill
Garrioch is taking orders for a second chance at these beautiful pennants.
For pricing, sizing and ordering information see the included handout.

Cook Book Redux

Our last cookbook was printed in 2010, and was hugely successful. A new
cookbook is being launched as a fundraiser for the SICA in 2020. With all of
us at home we hope you’ll take this time to go through all your new and
exciting recipes and help make this one a success too. Do you have a
vegetarian dinner that even a carnivore would love? What about a gluten free
dessert you like to bring to book club? Have you tried whole 30 or keto? Or
even a tried and true comfort food! We’d love for you to share them with us
all! Email your submissions to or via Facebook messenger.