Silver Islet Campers Association

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                     Swim instructor for summer 2021 
                                           job posting 


Silver Islet Campers Association is looking for a Swim Instructor for Summer 2021

Duration:  Mon-Fri - 10:00am - 2:00pm 

5 weeks (July 19th to Aug. 20th 2021)


The Silver Islet Campers Association is seeking a qualified swim/lifesaving instructor to run our Lifesaving Society outdoor swimming and lifesaving lessons at Silver Islet.


  • Bronze Cross
  • Lifesaving Society Swim Instructor and Lifesaving Instructor Certification
  • Standard First Aid, CPR
  • Proof of Covid-19 Vaccination an asset

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Know and adhere to the Lifesaving Society’s swim and lifesaving program standards
  • Promote and follow water safety guidelines as set out by the Lifesaving Society (provide a copy of this to the instructor)
  • Be on time and present for all scheduled class times
  • Maintain an upbeat and friendly attitude 
  • Provide feedback to the parents of swimmers as needed over the course of the lessons (including final swim reports to swimmers)
  • Correct unsafe or inaccurate behaviours during classes as needed
  • Mentor, train and direct associate instructors as required (as approved by SICA)
  • Maintain a clean and safe swim environment
  • Inspect the 2 member washrooms at the end of each shift, and sweep out and clean as required 

Please contact Liisa Hupka (Camp 801), 807.621.7427 for further info


PHOTO CONTEST - Calling all Artists!

The Silver Islet Harbour Association is looking for a logo!  

Silver Islet Harbour Association (SIHA) is a newly incorporated non-profit organization made up of 3 local stakeholder groups:
  • Silver Islet Campers Association - community integration and involvement
  • Silver Islet Yacht Club - access to a safe and functional harbour for local boaters and the Coast Guard Auxiliary
  • Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior - access to a safe and functional harbour to support lighthouse operations, charter boat operators and their clients.

We are looking for a logo for signage and letterhead.
Colour would work as long as it can also be recognizable in black and white.

Please submit your logo via email to:
Deadline to submit: January 31, 2021
Any questions, please email Liisa at

SILVER ISLET Community Celebration of 150 years Memory Book

Hey campers! It’s not to late to get the ‘Silver Islet  "A Community Celebration of 150 years"  It is a beautiful collection of history, family photos, stories and more that is sure to delight.    50 copies on hand.   

To order yours, email Todd at or text Tom at 807-621-1849. $65.00 ... (cash, cheque or etransfer), includes a $5 donation to the Campers’ Association.

COAST GUARD at Silver Islet

Posted by Darryl Storey on Silver Islet FB :

Coast Guard Course: Rob Kavanagh is the Thunder Bay District Instructor.

We are looking for interested people to join the Coast Guard Auxiliary and take the Courses

Two Units at Silver Islet: Unit 189 - Jim Dyson: Leader - Camp Bay; Unit 545 - Darryl Storey: Leader - Harbour. 

Classroom Course

Friday 6pm to 10pm; Saturday 8am to 4pm; Sunday 8am to 4pm.

Elks Lodge Thunder Bay: 

hopefully prior to May Long Weekend - COVID 19 situation permitting. 

On the Water Course: After the May Long Weekend, hopefully (dependent on Covid Restrictions) to be at Silver Islet Harbour.

                                                                  UPDATE : June 2021

DEFIBRILATORS  summer season  LOCATIONS at the Pavillion and the Fisherman's Memorial in Camp Bay.

 Message from Darryl Storey:   CoVid 19  and  SAFE BOATING

Boating safety is always—always—a critical consideration whenever you push off the dock, but with all the recent issues regarding COVID-19, many people are wondering if boating is considered a safe social distancing practice. 

As boaters everywhere do their best to navigate these uncharted waters, we'll do our best to serve as a reliable resource in answering many of your questions about boating during the coronavirus—from navigating local boating restrictions and boat ramp closures in your area, to following best practices for social distancing on the water.

Is Boating a Safe Social Distancing Activity?

The short answer is yes, but the long answer is a bit more involved.

First and foremost, all the usual rules apply:

  • You need to limit the people aboard to those family members you share your home with, period—no guests.
  • You also can’t raft up with other boats or pull up onto a beach close to another boat, as that could put you in close proximity with the occupants.
  • You also have to be careful to maintain a safe distance from others when doing things like loading up at the marina or fueling the boat.
  • After doing anything that requires touching an item someone else may have touched, like a marina gate lock or a fuel pump, disinfect by washing your hands or using a hand sanitizer as soon as possible.

Finally, to maintain the highest level of safety pack your gear and supplies ahead of time and don’t plan to stop at a store on the way to the marina or launch ramp, as you usually might.