Silver Islet Campers Association

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                            Silver Islet Campers Association
                                     Executive Message 

                         2022  New message and information will be coming once our seasonal activity resumes 

Silver Islet Campers Association

640 River St. Grandview Mall, PO Box 21066, 

Thunder Bay, On. P7A 8A7



Silver Islet Campers Association


 2021 SICA Executive Message

Well, here we go again. Last year at this time the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic had begun and we were just beginning to grasp how that would impact us, not just events at Silver Islet but all our lives in general. Now, a year later, things are in fact much worse than we could have imagined and another summer looms with even more stringent restrictions now the norm. At the time of writing Ontario is under full lockdown and most gatherings of any size are prohibited. The one bright spot is that the vaccination program is finally in full swing. That process is our primary hope that some degree of normalcy returns by summer and we can once again enjoy at least partial if not full use of our facilities. Until then, all we can do is advise our members to stay safe, follow the health guidelines, get vaccinated and keep your eyes peeled for more optimistic updates.

The SICA Executive will do whatever we can to provide access to the swimming area and the washrooms similar to last summer and hope more is possible by July and August. The most significant seasonal events including swimming lessons, Sports Day and the AGM will be scheduled on the calendar but will only proceed as restrictions are lifted. Several ongoing projects such as completing the reroofing of the Pavilion and beachfront improvements will be pursued as conditions allow.

As always, SICA events operate primarily with the imagination and energy of volunteers. We want to thank all those who have done so much over the years to keep our community unique and lively. Despite the situation we have found ways like the Lobster Dinner and Meatball “curbside pickup” extravaganzas to still come together, have some fun and raise much needed funding to keep ourselves going. Any members who have good ideas for similar events that might be possible under the prevailing conditions should let someone on the executive know because, to put it bluntly, we have too many free dates in the calendar so please help us fill it in. As always, your ongoing support through membership fees despite the limitations has been very encouraging. We will strive to ensure full value is realized just as soon as we are able.

A final note regarding the status of the harbour. In late March Parliament finally approved DFO’s planned divestiture of the property to the Silver Islet Harbour Association. Once the legal documentation for the transfer has been completed this newly refurbished facility will become locally owned and operated, giving us ongoing control of an important asset and access point to Lake Superior as the surrounding provincial and national parks develop their own plans and initiatives.


This year’s membership fees are $125 for a full membership with voting rights and $50 for an associate membership which can only be purchased if it is in addition to a full membership. Despite the uncertainty of this season expenses like insurance, fire protection and maintenance are ongoing so your continued support through membership is greatly appreciated. Please remit to

Silver Islet Campers Association

640 River St.

P.O. Box 21066

Grandview Mall

Thunder Bay, ON

P7A 8A7

Your 2021 S.I.C.A. Executive

Scott Cheadle – President

Rick Siegfried – Vice President *

Ron Zabloski – Treasurer * 

Liisa Hupka – At Large

Andre St. Jacques – Secretary 

Marilyn Ailey – At Large

Susan Beimers – Membership 

Scott Atkinson – At Large *

Lois Watson – At Large *

Four members of the current Executive noted above have indicated they will be
stepping down as of the upcoming AGM. Many thanks to all for their years of service,
in some cases their decades of service! We encourage all members, particularly
those with young families who enjoy the SICA facilities, to get involved and help keep
our Campers Association vibrant and focused on issues and improvements most
important to them. Please consider standing for nomination to the SICA Executive and
help shape the future direction of our Association.

Swimming Instructor

Swim Ontario and Swim Canada have cancelled all summer programming and the Life Savings Society office is closed until further notice. With all the certification agencies out of action, the best we can hope for is a regulatory reprieve in time for some swimming instruction. Please watch for posted updates as the season progresses.

Water Access Ramp – Concrete Pad Sponsorship

Members have requested a ramp to access Surprise Lake that protects tender feet from the ubiquitous rocks along the shoreline. If you would like to join other enthusiasts who have offered to sponsor a concrete pad for the walkway, feel free to add $12 to your membership fees and help the project along. Extra pads will go towards stairs from the beach up to the Pavilion.