Silver Islet Campers Association

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President - Halina Gooder

Halina is serving for the second time on the executive. Having taken a number of years off. She was immediately thrust back into the Presidential role, and is making changes! With flush toliets, new paved avenue, and many more plans to come. We are proud to have Halina helping the SICA with all their camping needs!

Past President - Richard

 Having been our fearless leader for the past 9 years, Richard finally stepped down from the Presidential role in order to train his successor. With his stronge knowledge and abilities he has been instrumental to teaching the whole executive about all they need to know.


Liisa Huppka

Our one time Swimming instructor, Lisa has joined the executive committee to bring some young blood to the party. Her new ideas, and creative solutions have helped up with our Junior Camper requests, facilities, and most notably our sports day and other sporting events. We all give Lisa a big thank you for her hard work!

Ron Zabloski

Being in banking his entire career, has been great preparation for Ron's latest calling. SICA Treasurer! With his keen eye for numbers Ron has taken it upon himself to update all the SICA financial records bringing them up to modern day standards.

Ashley Huber

Our newest member, Ashley was enlisted in 2013's AGM. Since then she has taken on the responsibility of Webmaster and begun the creation of our SICA website! Though it's a work in progress she's very excited to be instrumental in the modernization of the SICA's communications and social media ventures.

Susan Beimer

 As our resident fees and tax collector, Susan makes paying your membership a joy with her big smile and lovely attitude. So make sure you pay early and often so we can keep the collector we love for a long, long, time!


Tom Eaton

 Living next to the pavillion has provided Tom easy access to make sure our facilites are maintained and secure. We love knowing that the pavillion, washrooms, and grounds are in tip top shape thanks to Tom.

Scott Atkinson

  Rough waters don't stop Scott from collecting our warf fees, and now that our dock has been closed down, he's been working hard at the helm of the reopening efforts.

Scott Cheadle
 Scott and his side kick Luna act as our members at large. Together they can be found walking the avenue and they are always available to lend a helping hand in any project.