Silver Islet Campers Association

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                                                          Dock Reconstruction 

Work on the harbour project has had to be curtailed for now.  Rumour has it that work may resume soon.  Let's hope so! 

The harbour area is still considered an active construction site by the Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans and Tom Jones Construction and will remain so until the completion of the project. Work will resume just as soon as is legally and safely possible. Until then, the harbor is effectively out of commission and out of bounds. The launch is only partially finished, the area is fenced off, the gates padlocked and the silt net must remain in place across the mouth of the harbour.  (see President's Message for more details)


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Physical reconstruction of the Silver Islet dock began in January 2020 and continued through the winter months. 
Photographs shown here take you through the progression and provide some insight into the work being done so far. 

Background: CBC reported in September 2019 that the existing historic dock at Silver Islet, which has been closed since 2013, would be rebuilt and transfer of authority to a new partnership: The Silver Islet Harbour Association.  This not-for-profit has been formed by representatives of the Silver Islet Campers Association, the Silver Islet Yacht Club and the Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior.  The collaborative efforts of the Federal Authorities and the members of the new Harbour Association working group have made this happen.
 (more information and details can be found on the CBC.CA news: Thunder Bay September 6, 2019)