Silver Islet Campers Association

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Benefits of Being a Silver Islet Campers Association Member

Forty five years of free swimming lessons for your children and grandchildren

  1. Access to safety devises stored at the pavilion
    • Defibrillator
    • Black Boards
    • Epee Pens
    • First Aid Kits
  2. Low Price rental of the pavilion
  3. Participation in summer events held at the pavilion
  4. Access to the beach and Surprise Lake with change rooms and washrooms
  5. Use of the tennis courts
  6. Increased value to your camp
  7. Participate in advocacy roll on issues that effect Silver Islet as a whole as well membership in FOCA with 550 other camper association in Ontario
  8. Benefit from the fire protection program
    • Fire wagon
    • Emergency fire camp numbers
  9. Opportunity at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to vote, express your opinions, and be part of changes

All for only $125 a year for Full Membership and $50 for Associate membership.  (In order to have an associate membership there must be a full membership in the household)  Great value for over 80 years!