Silver Islet Campers Association

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Annual General Meeting  (AGM)

Annual General Meeting 

S.I.C.A. Agenda for Annual General Meeting

Sunday July 14, 2019 at 10:30 AM

Membership Collection starts at 9:30 AM Meeting starts at 10:30AM

Welcoming & Call to Order & Confirmation of Quorum


Scott Cheadle - President                            Ron Zabloski       - Treasurer

Sue Beimers   - Membership Coordinator    Halina Gooder     - Past President

Liisa Hupka     - Events Coordinator            Scott Atkinson     - At Large

TBD                  - Property Manager             Andre St Jacques - Secretary

Rick Siegfried - Swimming Coordinator      Alex Shatford        - Parliamentarian

                                                                      Marcia Pedersen   -JCA Liaison

A moment of silence for…

Betty Evans, Gerry Capon, Irene Sime, Jim Differ, Dave Cheadle, Gordon Stinson,

Peter Dennis, Bea Jones-Dennis, Cody Murray

Motion to adopt 2018 Minutes

Membership Report (Sue Beimers)

Treasurer’s Financial Report & Budget ( Ron Zabloski)

Swimming Instructor’s Report (Rick Seigfried)

Events Report and Call for volunteers (Liisa Hupka)

Junior Campers Association Report (Marcia Pedersen)

Silver Islet Yacht Club & Harbour Master Report (Scott Atkinson)

New Business

SI Harbour Update

Proposed New Capital Projects/Expenditures

New Business from the Floor

Call for Nominations for Executive Members & Elections if Required

There are 3 exectuive positions open (John O’Hagan, Sue B, Halina G)

Early Bird 2019 Membership Draw (Congratulations to Ed & Arlene Leese 2018)

Call for Adjournment                      

Please help put chairs up!!!.